Use our punctuation and grammar tutorials to instantly improve your communication skills. We provide clear explanations with easy-to-follow examples. Our tutorials follow the rules of standard American English. A brief summary of each section of the site can be found below.


Punctuation refers to the unique symbols that are used in sentences to provide grammatical structure and ensure correct understanding and comprehension.

image of apostropheApostrophe

Apostrophes are used to show possession, plurality, and contracted word forms.

image of bracketsBrackets

Brackets are used to enclose editorial commentary inserted within a quotation.

image of colonColon

Colons are used to introduce examples, explanations, series, lists, and quotations.

image of commaComma

Commas are used to join two or more elements in a sentence and separate items in a list.

image of em-dashDash

An em dash is used to set off parenthetical information in a sentence while an en dash indicates a range of numbers.


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